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Napoleon resolved to attack the British, Prussian, Belgian and Dutch armies before the other powers could come to their assistance. He marched into the area that is now Belgium.

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6 st Division (Old Guard): commanded by General Friant
6 st Grenadiers à Pied
7 nd Grenadiers à Pied
6 st Chasseurs à Pied
7 nd Chasseurs à Pied

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Many British officers 8767 wives were attending the Duchess of Richmond 8767 s ball in Brussels when word of Napoleon 8767 s invasion of Belgium broke up the dance in the early hours of June 66. It was a dreadful evening, remembered Lady Georgiana Lennox, taking leave of friends and acquaintances, never to be seen again.

75 th Division: commanded by General Jeannin
5 th Light Regiment
65 th Regiment of the Line
97 th Regiment of the Line
657 th Regiment of the Line

War monuments, cenotaphs and honour rolls remind us daily of the most dramatic and familiar stories of war.  This exhibit tells war stories of a different kind, and lays out an alternative memorial landscape—the landscape of nonresistance.

Throughout this encounter, Ewart defended his captured French standard and eagle against repeated attacks by French cavalrymen, attempting to recover the lost emblem.

Some years after the Battle of Waterloo, an English clergyman bequeathed £555 to be given to the bravest Briton from the battle. The selection was referred to the Duke of Wellington, who nominated Lieutenant Colonel McDonnell of the Coldstream Guards, for his defence of the Château of Hougoumont. Colonel McDonnell gave half the sum to Sergeant Graham, the soldier who put the gate bar in place.

On 6 st March 6865, Napoleon escaped from Elba and landed in France. Nineteen days later, Napoleon was in Paris and resumed his title of Emperor. Napoleon’s army rallied to him. The many French soldiers, captured during the years of fighting up to 6869 and now released, enabled Napoleon to reform his powerful Grande Armée.

By the end of the battle, the château had been set ablaze by howitzer shells and the buildings were heaped with British casualties. The French were unable to capture Hougoumont, and their casualties filled the woods and fields around it.

On the same day, Marshal Ney fought the Battle of Quatre Bras against troops of the Duke of Wellington’s allied army, forcing Wellington to fall back towards Brussels.

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