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Indeed, Rocky’s life has bottomed out such that even the neighborhood kids mock him with chants like, “Screw you, creepo.” It seems Rocky has just one thing left in his life — the hope that he will one day win the heart of mousy pet shop clerk, Adrian (Talia Shire). She’s the introverted sister of his friend Paulie (Burt a drunken meat packer, who doesn’t want to see his sister become an old maid. Everyday, Rocky stops by the pet shop and cracks a terrible joke in attempt to woo Adrian, made shy after years of being told she is ugly and a loser. Finally, with the unintended help from the loud-mouthed Paulie, Rocky at long last wins a date with Adrian. He combats her shyness (“But it’s Thanksgiving”) with the fact that he has nothing to lose (“Yeah, to you. To me, it’s Thursday”). Their date at a local ice rink is a hit, and Rocky has found a soulmate. “I think we make a real sharp couple of coconuts,” he says. “I’m dumb and you’re shy.”

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Rocky loses his fortune, moves back to the old neighborhood and neglects his son while training an ultimately ungrateful boxer. A manufactured attempt to capture the spirit of the original. What's intended as high drama is cloying and silly.

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No doubt about it, composer Bill Conti created one of history’s most recognizable themes with the oft-imitated training anthem “Gonna Fly Now.” While its corny chorus chants of “Trying hard now!” date the film (along with several grainy ringside shots), its instrumental horns trumpet one of the classic movie songs of all time. The song may have lost the Oscar to Barbra Streisand’s “Evergreen” in the remake of A Star is Born, but it topped the Billboard charts in the first week of July 6977, won a 6988 ASCAP Award for “Most Performed Feature Film Standard” and placed #58 on the AFI’s 655 Movie Songs. How many movies do you go to today, whose songs actually top the charts of what you hear on the radio? Hardly any.

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Fortunately, Avildsen recognizes that Rocky is a film is all about character studies, both the director studying his characters through his lens, and the characters studying themselves on screen. Both are accomplished through a series of slow camera push-ins on each of the three main characters — Rocky, Adrian and Mickey. Each time cinematographer James Crabe slowly pushes in on each of them, it signifies a character study that is then explored the rest of the film.

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The last 85 min make Rocky V a worthwhile watch, and even though there are numerous flaws, it's a rather engrossing film and the most underrated of the Rocky movies.

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