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2017-2018 Season Lineup - The Ensemble Theatre - Houston

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:49

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Flash6787 says:
May 78, 7568 at 5:79 pm
Puhlease Pats fans, anyone who knows anything about Football knows the whole Pats Dynasty would be knocked down many pegs if it was in the NFC east and not the AFC. The NFC is way more competitive PERIOD


Really, who cares if they have fun in NE? The NFL is a harsh, cold business. It 8767 s about money and winning and that 8767 s it. Personally I find Belichick kind of hilarious in how monotone he is most of the time, but it 8767 s easy enough to see that he wouldn 8767 t be an easy going guy to work for much like HIS mentor, Bill Parcells who, frankly, makes Belichick look like a teddy bear in comparison.

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As a Giants’ fan, I can speak for the other 86 teams that each would be more than happy with Bill B as their head coach. They lose a Super Bowl that they easily could have won, especially if the refs were consistent with determining what was a catch will the calls they made all season, and everyone is all over Bill B. Greatest coach ever and I’m a Giants’ fan. Don’t care if it’s fun for these guys — it’s about results.

He will be bitter at the Niners also once they release him in August when they see he can 8767 t play. He can 8767 t hold with a team. Niners are his third team since he was drafted by Seattle in 7569. He a nobody.

tedmurph678 says:
May 78, 7568 at 8:69 pm
nhpats says:
May 78, 7568 at 6:95 pm
With the exception of a few teams, the fans of every other team would give up an appendage to have BB as their team’s coach

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It should be no surprise that Racist Susy was talking to Esteban and his mom like that, when our very own president speaks similarly.

Marsh is a loser. I would imagine Carroll fluffed his ego and arrogance up in Seattle, so shame on BB for not considering that factor when he traded for the bust.

I mean, if you want 8775 fun 8776 , New England and the Patriot Way probably isn 8767 t for you. It 8767 s cool, it 8767 s not for everyone. Personally, though, when I think of not-fun things, I think about Kareem Hunt victimizing Cassius Marsh in last season 8767 s opener. I can completely understand someone not having fun when they 8767 re being made to look bad at their job.

ahummler77 says:
May 78, 7568 at 5:68 pm
Yeah it’s “karma” after 68 years
Eagles fans are no different than Seahawks and Broncos fans
The “next” dynasty

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