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ann Apr 67 7567 7:67 am This drama is exciting ! it juz differ and i really really really love it ! idont hve more words to say about it.. and i only watch the first episode. i m already excited bout it

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Oooh, I'm wishing for more kisses and better hugs here. Seo Joon's hands on Ha Na's hug with her arms around his kiss somewhere scandalous..neck maybe? Or is that too scandalous? tee hee.

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First time to watch an ongoing series! I'm such a fan of Ha Ji Won, so I couldn't not watch - and I'm loving how it's going, so far.

Shopping King Louie
A thousand kisses
Queen InHyun 8767 s man
I Hear Your Voice
Baby faced beauty
I do, I do
Delightful girl, Chun Hyang
Prosecutor Princess
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Dong Yi

i saw a scene that ha ji won cut a man"s wrist with axes like its a horror i saw it at a wrong time but it kills any intention i have to watch this drama.

True, at first this drama is pretty dragging and all. But then, after I accidentally watched the preview for ep 5 I feel so attracted with this drama.

for me my destiny thailand version..lie to me..fated to love you. n secret ..marriage not dating

Jung Jaehwa Dec 68 7569 8:76 pm I did love this drama, but I really don't understand why the parents couldn't be together. No one was related by blood but two people still ended up unhappy because, apparently, it's not good to be too related? It left me wanting.

All K-drama beginner should cut they teeth on all round dramas..that 8767 s why Coffee Prince should have included in this list

Later, Joon hears an odd cellphone ringtone. Joon then realizes that he has someone else's cellphone in his pocket. Meanwhile, Ha-Na goes to a shooting site to retrieve her cellphone, but Joon isn't there. Because of Joon's constantly changing schedule, Ha-Na's misses him three separate times. Finally, Ha-Na goes to Joon's hotel. After waiting until past midnight in the hotel lobby for Joon, Ha-Na decides to go into Joon's hotel room to retrieve her cellphone. Nobody is in the room and the door is unlocked. Ha-Na finds her cellphone, but suddenly Joon and a model walk through the door.

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